Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's all because I had to use the restroom at Best Buy

So with our new flooring Kelli needed an exercise mat to do Tae-Bo on. We stopped by Academy in Grapevine. Next to Academy is Best Buy. I wanted to pay a visit just to walk through.

After walking through I needed to use the restroom....this is where is the weekend took a turn. When I left the restroom I took a right turn just to take a look at dish washers. Ours works fine. It's plain jane...but works fine.

Kelli walked over and began looking at them. Suddenly our washer was a rusted, old, piece of crap. Kelli wanted a new one.

Due to a recent error on Lowe's part....we got a one year no interest deal from Lowes. That's where it all started.

I spent Saturday night in Savannah, Georgia. When I came back Sunday morning Kelli had fresh coffee waiting for me. I then spilt said coffee on the couch. Kelli mentioned how she didn't care for the couch any more as it took up a lot of room and the cushions moved. I then mentioned that we could move the couch into her old office and buy a new some point. Yeah.

We then saw Extract, DAMN GOOD MOVIE! Afterwards we visited 3 furniture stores. Yadda, yadda, yadda Kelli wanted a new couch. Kelli bought this....but with four seats instead of three.

2009-09-06 17.31.45

Next up is the dish washer tomorrow. After that we will be moving the guest bedroom to my current office and making the current guest bedroom an "offspring" room. Kelli's old office will be my new "media" room. We will be buying two LCD TV's. One TV for the new guest bedroom and one for my new media room.

We will also be replacing the lighting figure in the kitchen with track lighting. I also want to replace the two chandeliers with track lighting. We have one in the kitchen and one in the dining area which we never use and are just in the way hanging down.

This all started with me using the restroom at Best Buy.....damn Best Buy.

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