Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rooty, Tooty, Fresh and Free Tethering!

I'm an outlaw. Yesterday I entered the dark side of mobile computing. While sitting on the couch....watching TV.....I rooted.

Rooted? Yes rooted. My T-Mobile G1 has been a great phone. Every now and then it gets a little slow. I downloaded an App (TasKiller) that helped.....but I still wasn't happy. I wanted more. I wanted a faster User Interface and the ability to tether my phone to my laptop. What is tethering? Well I can browse the Internet on my laptop by using my G1 as a modem/gateway.

I found an app ( that allows tethering...but it was $29 and Windows only. I run Windows, Mac OS X and Jolicloud (Linux). I needed something much more flexible.

By rooting my phone I now have one touch access to tethering on ANY operating system. Additionally my phone can serve as a gateway for multiple computers. In reality it would only be used for Kelli and myself. The tethering application allows the phone to serve up the net via Bluetooth OR Wifi. Very interesting!

[nggallery id=25]

The screen looks "rainbowy" due to the mirror screen protector that I no longer care for...but am too lazy to replace.

Rooting does has some limitations. I won't get any automatic updates from T-Mobile. Also there is a risk that I could "brick" (render the phone useless) during the rooting process. I followed the steps posted at . Total time was just over 5 minutes. Very happy now.

I love my Zune. It has been through a lot with me. It's traveled to the United States, Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas...and Oregon. Each night when I go to bed I start a playlist/podcast, pop in a soft earbud...and go to sleep. Kelli hates lights/noise when going to bed. For years I've been blinding myself by having a computer monitor next to the bed at close range and risking losing my hearing by sleeping with ear buds in.

Two nights ago I plugged in my Zune and went to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up (it got ended) and started a new playlist. Apparently I put the Zune under a pillow. When I woke up the Zune was kinda had been charging while under a pillow. When charging the screen stays on. I pulled it out from under the pillow and tried to disconnect the charging was stuck. Foolishly I tried came off...but at an angle. Well since then it hasn't connected to my computer via USB to sync. I can sync wirelessly (thankfully something Microsoft uses that Apple/Ipods do not!) which is okay...but not perfect. I inspected my Zune last night....bent pins. Not good. I am going to try to straighten them out. My hopes are low. I can charge my Zune...but for some reason it never gets to a full charge. My Zunes days appear to be numbered. *sigh*.

I'm still not settled on the Zune HD vs Ipod Touch debate.

In laws arrive next week. Ordering massive amounts of cotton candy for Haley.

Floors are 99% done. Yeah we got really lazy after putting the Konecto down. All we have left is the carpet to Konecto transitions.

I am down to, at most, 3 soft drinks a week. Sleeping much better. Don't get crazy....I still drink a pot of coffee in the morning.

Still averaging 800-1100 MG of sodium per day. Tried to eat Taco Bell a few nights ago. Couldn't do it. My former love of Volcano Tacos is over. I took one bight and almost spit it out. So salty. Didn't eat any more.

Xbox 360 eilte for $199 at Refurbished. Not sure how I feel about that after ours had the red ring of death.

Next month will mark the start of my 3rd year at my airline. I will finally have access to buddy passes...I also get a nice pay raise.

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