Thursday, September 17, 2009

Party of 5

New couch is here. Our old couch served well for the past 5 or so years. It's now in my man cave.

The new couch only seats 4....5 in a pinch. There are 4 built in cup holders and two storage cubbie holes. All seats recline and the two end seats rock and recline.

Click on the photos for a bigger view.

[nggallery id=23]

Our house is still in disarray. Still have a few weeks till the in laws come. No worries.

Next week the dishwasher gets replaced.

An announcement was made by my employer today. Overall good news. They announced they are buying 22 more CRJ-700s (the plane I fly). Additionally they are outfitting the entire fleet with a First Class section. The bad news is....most of them are going to damn Chicago. No news on what happens to me.

Giving up salt has been easier than I thought. When it comes to high sodium foods (with the exception of BBQ in St Louis), I just tell myself "no". Giving up sugar will be more of a challenge. I miss fast food...big...greasy hamburgers.

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