Monday, September 7, 2009

Not missing salt

Almost a week into my self imposed low sodium diet. There has only been one day that I have exceeded 1400MG of sodium. The RDA is 2400MG. I am working my way down to 1000MG per day. Not going to be too hard.

The biggest change is no fast food. Well not no...just gotta be careful. Today I had a Southwest Chicken Salad from McDonalds. Total sodium was 590 MG. If I added the grilled chicken I would have had 1300 MG of Sodium. Without the grilled chicken I had just 590. Not too bad. Giving up sugar soon might be a little more tricky.

When we bought the couch (from Rooms to Go) we bought a "stain protection warranty". They apply some oil based protectant and guarantee that we won't have any stains for 3 years. Last night I Googled the warranty and found nothing but complaints. The total for the protection was $200. Hmmm yeah.

I stopped by today and advised that I didn't want the warranty. On the back of the receipt in REALLY light font is the fine print. I had a hard time reading with my 32 year old eyes....I bet most can't read it. We only have 48 hours to ask for a refund. After that we get just 80%. Nice.

The initial person I met was a lady at the front arranging flyer's. She told me she would call my salesman as he would have to help me. The salesman came up and then went back to HER as she as a manager. Yadda, yadda, yadda he said he could take off $200 and leave the warranty. Hmm ok. This bothered me as I felt like we got really much money was left on the table? He took off $200 off the price of the couch. Fine...but this still bothered me. I am sure his commission is higher on the warranty than the couch. Whatever done.

I spent the afternoon researching dishwashers for Kelli. I ended up liking a WhirlPool GU2300XTVQ (Lowes Link). The list price at Lowes was $498. They had all energy star models 20% off this weekend. In addition they had free delivery and free installation. I installed a dishwasher 10 years ago....not hard....but since it's free. One less thing to deal with. With the 20% off we paid $398. One thing about the energy star models is that they take longer to finish a cycle.....but they use less water. Bleh.

Almost done with the flooring stuff. Kelli is going to caulk up the baseboards and paint the trim. Still gotta get some kind of transition thing.....yeah.

Snow Leopard runs like crap on Kelli's Macbook. Can't figure out why. On top of that the Time Machine backup of her pre-Leopard system wouldn't restore. Good times.

Looking forward to my new man cave.

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