Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Out with the with the...wait..damn door

So with me moving my "office" across the house to my new "man cave"....I've begun throwing stuff out...a lot of stuff. I took an entire Multi-Activity Vehicle worth of stuff to the dumpster. I threw out old computer parts, various cables, old CD's (scratched to hell so no worries on someone stealing stuff), and more. I have another load to take tomorrow.

Within the next two weeks I will have all of my needed computer stuff consolidated down to 1 walk in closet from 3 walk in closets. Yeah I have a lot of stuff.

Going to have to go back to the Dr. This nasal spray worked....then stopped working. Damn it.

I'm getting further and further away from watching regular TV. I used to watch hours of TV a day. No more. Now maybe 2 hours. The rest is spent listening to audio podcast or watching video podcast. Of course I am watching these video podcast ON my TV.....but it's not "traditional" content.

Back when we had Cable TV I was always annoyed that I couldn't record digital channels on my Windows Media Center. I loved Windows Media Center. Well now it's possible. Cablecards are now available for Windows Media Center computers ( Click here for more info). Too bad we have Uverse.

My blood pressure has taken a healthy noticeable drop over the years.

Back in May 2006 I was a good 140/95. Not good. With a little exercise I got it down to 135/85. Over the last few days I have been a steady 118/80. Not great...but a pretty good drop. All without drugs. I quit smoking, quit soft drinks, reduced my caffeine intake, greatly reduced my salt intake and watch my fat intake. I do need to exercise more. I need to put more cameras up. I swear Kelli is putting something in my drinks to make me live a healthier lifestyle.

I rolled Kelli back to pre-Snow Leopard.

Sent my brother in law an email about DFW Airport hiring cops. Pretty good gig especially compared to walking the streets of New York City.

I think sometime in the next few months I am going to build a new office computer capable of dual booting Windows an Mac OS X. I miss playing high end games.

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