Monday, September 21, 2009

My Civic Duty

Picked for Jury Duty. My third time in my life...second time in just over two years. I was picked for a jury last time. Thankfully the trial stopped before my jury arrived as the defendant plead out.

Yesterday I was picked for "trial room D" at 9AM TODAY. Meaning another day off from work. Initially I was worried I wouldn't get paid for the second day. Once I got home I took a look at my contract...I get paid for each day of Jury duty. I much prefer to go to work (even sitting around the airport) than jury duty. I get paid $6 for the first day and $40 for each additional day. Sounds great BUT I pay $20 a day for parking. Sure I could park in the free lot....which is in the middle of nowhere in a unsecured lot. Each year there are news stories about how many cars are broken into while parked in the free lot. No thanks.

Women in technology are hot. There is just something hot about a woman who knows the difference between NTFS and FAT32 or who spend hours discussing the latest tech gadget. I wonder if I could set up a 1-900 number (do those exist anymore?) where geeks can call in and listen to women talk about technology. Awesome.

Sarah Lane is a women in technology who I enjoy listening too and watching. Can't explain why. Veronica Belmont is another. Kerry White is the original geek girl (well she says she is anyway).

Think we are going to Denver. Flights are crazy open. I was worried about money for a hotel. I only had 3400 Starwood points...11,000 Holiday Inn points while Kelli only has 3000 Holiday Inn points. Surely too few for a free night. Wrong! I found a swanky hotel in Denver called Aloft (part of the W hotel network) for just 3000 points a night! Sweet. I found a rental car deal for $28 all in....but we would have to stay Saturday night. As we are paying $60 all in. Oh well.

We plan on visiting the Coors factory, hitting a few hills for some skiing and *at least one* cross country skiing adventure. If Sonny Bono can do it....wait. Okay we are visiting Coors....screw skiing.

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  1. I've been to a Aloft for a work happy hour. It's very Euro/modern. Kinda cool if you like that sort of thing. Not sure how the rooms are.