Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Roid'd Up!

The Dr seemed to know my issue almost right away. The problem I have is mucous hanging around in my eustachian tube. When I used the sinus rinse, the mucous would temporarily be washed away. To combat this he gave me Veramyst (a nasal steroid) nasal spray to try. After a week I will call back and either get a prescription or go back in for more test.

Lowes has a very nice return policy. I bought an Azelea about a month ago. It died a horrible death. They have a one year plant guarantee. I brought it back and they refunded my money no questions asked. I wondered why I wasn't offered a new one. Reason? They are out of season I guess as they had none in stock. Oh well, maybe I will buy something else later.

My mother in law has come to Euless every fall for years. I thought she wasn't coming this year. Nope. She's coming, along with my sister in law and niece. Nice. We will all go to the State Fair of Texas and chow down on chicken friend bacon.

Windows made me mad yesterday. I am so used to the "it just works" mentality of Macs that when I had to go and hunt down drivers and then uninstall the old drivers before I installed the new one. Annoying. I also forgot how annoying uninstalling programs is. Sure just click the add/remove programs right? Well no because pieces of the program can (and often do) stick around. On a Mac it's one file/folder....that's it.

With that said I am working a little harder to get Mac OS on my netbook.

I still have love for Microsoft. My heart is thumping fast to get my hands on the Zune HD.

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