Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally a solution to my sinus problems

I never had allergies until I went to Stephen F Austin in DEEP East Texas. I started taking allergy medication every Spring since then.

This year wasn't as bad. However toward the end of May I came down with a bad head cold. I thought it was a simple cold. Well ever since then I have had sinus issues that are flaring up like allergies. I have been to the doctor twice and been given steroids and antibiotics. Both helped a little. I still have sinus issues and a slight ear issue. Annoying. I've been meaning to go to a specialist. Haven't made the effort. I have been browsing pilot forums and came across one concerning sinus problems. I might have fixed myself for $10 at Wal-Mart.

The product is called Neilmed Sinus Rinse.


I tried the product yesterday and finally felt normal. The first time I used it I didn't use it correctly as it's an odd feeling. The second time I felt much better right away. The solution is made up of filtered water and a saltwater solution. No pain, no burning....no chemicals! I can breathe a lot easier as well. Best $10 I ever spent. I can make the solution myself by buying kosher (no iodine) salt and sodium bicarbonate. I slept much better last night as well. Safe to use everyday with no side effects.

No word on where I will be based yet. Might have results Friday. Everything is being done by hand.
I should find out Saturday how much money I will be saving with MyRate. I will say it's changed my driving habits.

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