Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Headed to the ERT

So the sinus rinse helped a lot...but not enough. I am headed to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor today.

One thing that I hate about visiting the doctor is filling out forms. Thankfully many doctors are putting the forms online. Some put them online to fill out and submit electronically while most have the online to print out and bring in. My doctor today has the former.

The doctor is part of the Texas Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist group ( They have a helpful website that I was sent to in order to fill out the required paperwork.

When I saw that the forms were in PDF format I was happy as I though I could simply type in my information. Nope. Once downloaded they are simply high quality scans of the paper documents (i.e. I couldn't edit them). Booo. I didn't want to waste time filling them out by hand. I wanted to waste time typing in my information. After a few attempts with Word and Acrobat I found a nifty website PDF to Word ( I uploaded the multi page PDF file and about 5 minutes later had a Word document emailed back to me. Score!

My HP Mini 5101 could be my most intelligent purchase yet. Still working on getting Mac OS X on it. I have been able to install Mac OS, but can't get the wifi, ethernet or sound working. I can get bluetooth working though....odd. Still working on it. The HP Mini 5101 can do 90% of what I use a computer for. I can access the web, work on my websites, do email, watch streaming Netflix movies, and play basic games. I can't edit video,do much with photos or play high end games.....but for $400 not bad at all. Oh and the battery last at least 6 hours and can stretch to 7 1/2 hours. Nice. Below are photos of my Macbook Pro next to my HP Mini 51010. The keyboards are the same size, the Mini's screen is 5 inches smaller, and the palm rest area is much smaller. Interesting thing is the Mini has 3 USB ports while the huge Macbook Pro has just 2. Yeah the Macbook Pro has Firewire. I've never used Firewire on the Macbook Pro. Eh.

[nggallery id=19]

I did install Windows 7 RC 1 on my HP Mini 5101. Once I had everything working I made a system image via Windows 7 and saved it to an external hard drive. Now I can easily blow away the hard drive while trying to install Mac OS X without having to reinstall Windows 7.

Kelli is worried about Aerosmith cancelling the concert in Seattle next week. She bought tickets months ago. Eh.

We might switch to Sprint for phone service next year. With the discount through my employer the total bill will be $30 a month cheaper than T-Mobile. Again....$30 a month saved to buy diapers. I will lose T-Mobile hotspot access. Hmmmm.

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