Monday, August 10, 2009

XP to Windows 7 to Mac OS X in a flash

We have made hotel reservations for Tokyo. In typical Darren & Kelli fashion it was a bit complicated.

I have enough Starwood points for 2 free nights. We have enough points on our Capital One card for 2 free nights. So we booked two sets two nights in the same hotel. Ideally the hotel staff will "get it" and we will be able to keep the same room for 4 days.

We had dinner with the person who has known me the longest outside of my family yesterday. Kelli and I met up with Katrina at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Sweet Tomatoes is a upper end salad bar. I scheduled to meet at 4:30PM. Right when we walked in an employee pushed a card over which changed the price from $7 to $9 per person as "dinner started". Hmm whatever. We were the only ones there.

Katrina has been without a job since November last year. She has the problem I had when I was laid off. I made much more on unemployment than I would if I got a job at McDonalds. She worked it out that she has to get a job making at least $11 an hour to make it worth her while. I keep telling her she can get a job at the airport. Her husband will be coming back from Iraq soon. They could both get jobs at my airline. She could get  job as a Gate Agent and he could get a job as a Ramper. Just sayin.

Katrina turns 31 at the end of this month. We have known each other for 16 years. Nutty.

My HP Mini 5101 arrived last night. I have never touched a 5101 before it arrived. I bought it without testing it. I relied on reviews and photos. I am very happy with it. The keyboard is nearly the same size as my Macbook Pro. The keys feel a little better than the Macbook Pro. One great thing is I already have a laptop bag for it. Way back in college I bought an IBM Z50 with is about the size of the HP Mini 5101. The Z50 needed I bought this neoprene case that had  hard piece of plastic inside the liner on one side to protect the screen. The Z50 stopped working, but I never got rid of the case. Good thing I didn't as the case fits the Mini 5101 perfectly. Kelli wasn't happy when I told her this is another reason I should never throw anything away.

I booted to Windows XP Home for the first time in my life. I played around for 5 minutes before blowing it all away and installing Windows 7 RC from scratch via a USB thumb drive. Played around for 10 minutes before starting the process of installing Mac OS X. Still working on that. I plan on having Windows 7 and Mac OS X on it. Wish me luck.

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