Saturday, August 8, 2009

The sad state of education in this country

I am going to use my degree in sociology this morning. Hmmm I guess I use it everyday. Eh.

Picking name for an offspring...I 've been working on names for over a year. We haven't sought outside help. We are already planning on saving money and resources for said offspring.

There is an under educated lady who is using EBay to select the baby name for her SEVENTH child. Yeah SEVENTH like in 7.

Her husband just left her and she needs money. She has no money, no job and needs money for her baby. Now at first I thought this was an interesting effort. Then I read her ad. (full link here )


Up for auction today is the legal first name for my son.

He will be born somtime in september, so after you win this auction, just send us an e-mail with your desierd name to us.

And after he is born we will notify you and give you a certificate with your name and the baby's.

He is allso going to be my 7th child so he will be a lucky one!

You can name him annything like after a loved one, a departed one, or any great boy name!

Im am doing this only to help my family. I'm a single mother of 6 soon to be 7 kids and i am in a tight situation. We live in a small house located in Arkansas, wich is barely enough room for all of us. I have no job or anny source of income so my sister pays for my rent, my phone bill, water bill, gas bill, ALL MY BILLS. And our car is on the last leg of its life. So all the money will be used to pay for a new car (one that can fit my BIG family) some baby cloths, and maybe if some one is generious enough a new house. but we are despritly in need of a new car, so we hope to get around 20-25 thousound. So please help out a great family in need.

Thank you so verry much, and God bless.

Yeah. Wow. Aside from the spelling and grammar mistakes (I have been known to make a few), she wants the money for a car? WTF? During the TV interview she stated she had no expectations, but in the eBay ad stated she wants twenty grand? There is so much wrong with this situation that I don't know where to start.

She should not have been allowed to have 7 kids. No one should. I think if anyone is on government assistance they should be temporarily banned from having kids. If they can't support themselves, how can they support a child?

This woman thinks a NEW car (not used) is the key to helping her family? How about a suitable living environment? How about a job? Ridiculous.

Back in college I interned at a small high school just north of Nacogdoches. The teacher and I once had a discussion that educated people are making the United States well.....less educated. How so? Well educated people are more likely to only have as many kids as they can support. So 1 to 3. Educated people know how babies are made and how much they cost. They typically plan for such events (my brother in law is an extreme exception). Non/under educated people (this lady, my sister) have kids almost magically. They just keep pumping them out. As each one is born they fill out the proper paperwork (they are well versed in government forms) and prepare for the next bundle of government burden.

A single mother can take care of a child. Thousands of strong women have done this in the past. I have a friend who is the definition of strong woman. She was born deaf. She met a nice man, married, had two wonderful boys. Then the man left. She raised both boys while working a full time job. She never used her deafness as a crutch. Heck I didn't know she was deaf until she told me. I met her a few times and couldn't tell.

The proper thing to do would be to place her 7th kid up for adoption. The eBay auction is only up to $2900. If it were a few hundred I would love to name the kid, "Tell my mom to stop having kids".

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