Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who needs an SUV when you have a Mazda5?

The Mazda5 is super versatile. It can carry 6 people and a few groceries. It can carry 4 people, groceries for a week for said people and luggage for said people. It can also carry 1000 pounds of flooring. Yeah that's right....1000 pounds of flooring plus me.

Our flooring came in last week. The store forgot to call us. I was a little worried 600 square feet of flooring wouldn't fit in my Mazda5 so I was going to have Kelli meet me so we could be the extra in her Prius. Well Kelli ended up working a little late so I arrived by myself. The warehouse personell questioned me twice if I was intending to put all the flooring in, "that little van?". Nice.

The flooring fit fine. I had to fold down both rear rows of seats. I could have easily held another 150 square feet.

The first picture shows my Mazda5 loaded down with 1000 pounds of flooring. Second picture is said flooring stacked in the back. Final photo is my Mazda5 sans flooring.

[nggallery id=20]

I'm planning on going to a flooring store this morning to purchase the transitions we will need to go from tile to vinyl and carpet to vinyl. We are keeping all the current tile (in the kitchen, front foyer and around the fireplace). I am thinking we can have all the flooring done in 2 days if we both work at it. Otherwise I might get started tomorrow (I'm off until Friday). I can easily get the main hallway done by myself. Who knows.

We might go to Vegas next month. It would be nice if my sister in law and her girlfriend could go with us...of course we could always go again another time with them.

I finally learned how to eat a grapefruit. I have been hooked on grapefruit for about a month. Each morning I eat one for breakfast. Until this week I thought I was simply buying crappy grapefruits as they were very light pink on the inside...not dark pink like I see at hotels (yeah I eat a lot of breakfast meals at hotels). I had a grapefruit that had been sitting in the kitchen for about a week. It turned a deep orange color. I thought it went bad. Nope it was ripe. Booyah that's what I am talking about. Now I just need to let my grapefruit sit for a bit before I eat them.

The damn Ooma device went up by $25 yesterday!!! GRRRR!

For now....I have three days off.

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