Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our vida loca

Getting back from Portland was interesting. For the first time we used Alaska Airlines to get home. The flights on American were all full. Kelli bought a ZED and I used my jump seat privilege to fly on Alaska Airlines from Portland to Phoenix. Once in Phoenix we hopped on an American flight home. Although it would be nice for American to have more flights to Portland, the fact that the flights are full is good for the company which trickles down to me keeping my job.

I brought my Macbook and HP Mini 5101 netbook on that trip. I still wasn't ready to cut my cord from my trusty Macbook. I'm currently back on the road (stayed in Amarillo last night...hopefully back home tonight) and brought just my netbook.

Traveling with my netbook has been much easier than traveling with my Macbook Pro. The netbook weighs less than 3 pounds and takes up much less space. As far as what it can't do...well I can't watch flash video full screen. Videos on Youtube and Hulu can only be watched in a window. I can however watch Netflix streaming movies full screen. Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight software to stream the movie. Apparently Microsoft Silverlight is a "lighter weight" and "less demanding" program than Flash.

Beyond that I am happy. The keyboard is very nice. I can touch type without a problem. Battery life is fantastic. It's truly an all day computer. The most I have used while unplugged so far is 4 1/2 hours. Even at that point there was more than 35% of the battery left.

It's been an odd last 7 days. I've only slept in my bed one night of the last 7 nights. Kelli is living a little part of my life as she was sent out to Los Angeles last night at the last minute. She had just 6 hours of rest last night before having to show up at the courthouse. I jokingly welcomed her into my world. She didn't laugh. Ironically my overnight in Amarillo is 17 hours. I wish it were shorter. Not much to do in Amarillo. She did enjoy having a "real" ticket to Los Angeles versus standby.

My mother in law is still loving her Mac. I am going to shoot an email to my brother in law on how to install Skype. I finally figured out how to block all the random (mostly porn sites) from requesting me to add them to their contact list. I need to enable that setting on my mother in laws Mac and then all will be well.

From what I can tell Skype has better video processing than IChat, but IChat is easier to use.

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