Friday, August 28, 2009

Less than two months

Less than two months till the Byrd's hit Tokyo. The hotel has been reserved...the flights well...normal standby....and that's all we have done.

I heard a neat idea on a podcast the other day (I listen/watch 3 or more podcast a day...all tech related) concerning Google Earth and travel. Before you visit a new city....use Google Earth to zoom and in see how the area looks. With street view we can literally walk around the area. Should be very useful. If I can pick up a public wifi signal over there I can use the street view on my G1 phone with built in GPS. Neat idea.

Kelli wants to go to Boston...and Las Vegas next month. Dunno if we will go to both.....hopefully at least one.

Peggy (my mother in law) the best Macbook for Kevin is the 13 inch Macbook Pro. Go to the Apple Store and buy just the 13 inch Macbook Pro to bring back to New York so IChat will be easier to use to see Gianna and the new baby. Total cost is $1199. His current wireless router will work just fine with the Macbook Pro.

The floor looks great. We should have the rest of the living room and dining room done by Sunday. Then we will have to reattach all the baseboards and then buy some thresholds. The height difference between the new Konecto floor and the existing tile is MUCH smaller than we thought it would be.

Snow Lepoard came out today. Ours arrives Tuesday via Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon...their pricing structure really annoys me sometimes. They have no low price gaurantee. Even if you buy a widget at 9:05 AM, Amazon boxes it up at noon and then at 12:05PM the price drops $30....too bad for you. Annoying. The Ooma we bought for $199 went as high as $225 this week before dropping to $189 yesterday (and today!). The $189 price is the lowest ANYWHERE by a good $40. We are porting our number over from Vonage. The device is better than Vonage in a few ways. One way is how voicemail is picked up.

The Ooma system has a base station and a remote station. Both are capable of playing back voicemails directly via built in speakers...the way answering machines used to work! Setup is crazy easy. Again this would be a great device for my long distance bills...heck no bills period.

HD-DVD's have been out of production for a while. I've been picking up HD-DVD movies for under $3 including shipping. HD-DVD's quality is equal to if not better than Blue-Ray...but Blue-Ray won due to more marketing money spent by Sony. Eh. I now own the next Beta (orphaned) player.

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