Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arlington Carpet One must be using the Enron calculator

We are going to put new flooring down for the living room, foyer and main hallway. Six hundred square feet total. For our "test room" we paid $2.99 a square foot total. I later found out I get a hefty (10%) discount through my employer if I buy through Carpet One in Arlington. I called for a quote yesterday. I was told for 27 boxes (22.5 Square Feet per box) the total would be $1520 including tax before the discount. After the discount it would be $1368. Nice. That worked out to $2.25 a square foot. Huge savings.

This afternoon we stopped by the Carpet One in Arlington (the location on Main Street not the other location which has a different owner) to make sure we didn't want to change colors. The store is very small. Turns out they don't even have the Konecto product on display! They checked the back....nothing. Hmmm...Kelli wanted to see the other colors, back to the other store in Southlake we went.

Twenty minutes later we walked in. Same salesman/owner as the first time we bought flooring. He remembered us. After a few minutes we decided to keep the same color. Now pricing.

I told the salesman that the other store had us down to $2.25 a square foot including tax. He looked shocked. After a minute working on his computer the best he could do was $2.58 a square foot before tax. Something was off.

After whipping out my phone I called Carpet One in Arlington again. The same lady I saw thirty minutes prior (and spoke with yesterday) stated again $1520 - 10% so $1368. I then told her we were at a different store and they were much higher and I wanted her to confirm the price. Nine minutes later she came back.....$2100 before discount and $1890 after the discount. They were off by $500! I can give $50 here or there...but $500!?!?!?!?!?!?

Needless to say we stayed with the Carpet One in Southlake. All told we paid $2.70 a square foot after tax so $1640 total. Not bad. We should have it all installed within 2 weeks.

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