Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So far so good

The preliminary results came out late in the evening yesterday. As for now I stay in Dallas on the my current plane (CRJ). The results did show that I am the most junior First Officer in Dallas flying a jet. This of course means if anything changes between now and the final results I will be Chicago based. I am not going to celebrate until the final results come out. Last time there was a displacement bid (April), the preliminary results showed me being displaced while the final results showed me staying put. Here's hoping for good news.

In support of Kelli (and because it will save money) I am going to give up soft drinks. Kelli is quitting caffeine again. I am still on caffeine, but will only drink coffee. I used to drink 4-5 diet cokes a day. Now just coffee in the morning. Of course I drink a lot of a whole pot. Don't judge me. Recent reports have showed coffee is good for you. Not sure about a whole pot....but whatever.

My netbook shipped from MacMall yesterday. Should prolly have it Monday or Tuesday. is all new. Eric switched to Wordpress (the same software this blog runs on). For the most part I am very happy with Wordpress. It is the mostly easy to use and very customizable. All of my blogs run on the same blogging software and a few have the same theme, but they all look different. I'm really happy with how my pilot blog looks. After many months of search engines (mostly associating my name with by pilot blog, it's finally set free. Due to a multitude of reasons I have to refrain from giving any clues to who I work for while writing for my pilot blog. To accomplish this I had to remove all mentions, links, and tie-ins with and my pilot blog. I can't even mention the address in this blog as a search engine will pick it up. I've changed the domain name, removed all mentions of my name and become very vague in discussing my job. In the process the average unique vistors dropped 30%. No big deal as I do it to help those who are interested in the profession, not to make money or to become famous.

My geeky friend Kerry has always had more domain names than I. Even now I have/control 6 domain names and 5 websites....she is still beating me. There is one tech area where I have DOUBLE the coverage.....Twitter accounts. I have two. One for this website and one for my pilot website. If anyone wants the URL to my pilot website shoot me an email at Darren at stillageek d0t com.

Finally, saw this clip on a video podcast I watch called The Dig Reel. Made me laugh.



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