Thursday, August 27, 2009

The state of the floor

I'm old. I feel it big time. Working on my knees for 12 hours yesterday. Ooof. Knees, back, arms....I'm not 15 anymore. Not that I did anything like this when I was 15. Bleh.

Here's some photos of what I (along with Kelli's help) have done so far. I have done most of the work because I happened to be off in the middle of the week. So while Kelli brings home the bacon, I prepared the floor for her to walk on. Hmm that sounded funnier in my head.

The images haven't been reduced so if you have a slow connection (can't imagine anyone reading this has dialup??!?!?) it might take a while. There are two pages of photos....not captions because...I'm lazy.

[nggallery id=21]

Sold the old mower and trimmer finally via craigslist. The guy who bought it was allergic to the fumes from a gas lawnmower. Electric is a necessity.

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