Monday, August 3, 2009

We got points

We had a nice weekend. I worked Saturday evening....I was on reserve at home on Sunday.

Kelli and I saw Funny People yesterday. We both really liked it. The previews for the movie were interesting. Some previews portrayed the movie as another comedy/wacky movie from Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen while others portrayed the movie as a comedy drama. Those that went thinking it would be a non-stop funny movie were likely disappointed.

We are still planning to hit Japan in October. I have enough Starwood points to get two free nights in Japan. We should be able to use our Capital One points for two more nights.

We stopped by Best Buy yesterday. The 24 inch IMac I want my mother in law to buy is very nice. Big..okay...huge monitor which makes the keyboard look really small. I liked it. Kelli thought it was too big. Eh. Ideally my mother in law will get the 24 inch IMac, an Apple Time Machine/Airport Express and the wireless keyboard/mouse and be truly ultra hip/chic.

The bid process as to where I will be based closes tonight. Not sure when the results will be released. I bid the following:

1- Dallas CRJ (where I am now, pipe dream bid)

2- Dallas ERJ (Smaller jet, same pay, but lower QOL)

3- Chicago ERJ (Smaller, jet, same pay, higher QOL than Chicago CRJ)

4. Dallas ATR (Big turboprop, less pay, higher QOL than all the above)

5. Chicago CRJ (same pay as now, much lower QOL)

6. Euless Houseman (no pay leech of a job)

I am pretty sure I will be Chicago ERJ. I am still debating going to Chicago I have till 11PM.

Kelli caulked the baseboards this weekend. The room is 99% done. Just have to fill in the nail holes in the baseboards. Only 3 to 4 small holes per baseboard. The room looks very nice. Hopefully we will have the hallway, foyer, living room and dining area done before the end of the year. I think we will likely get it all done next month.

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