Thursday, January 29, 2009

We will always have Paris

With my previous jobs I would typcially bring work home, work harder than I had too,  go in early or all of the above. Knowing something had to be done always stuck in the back of my head. I would work myself to death and end up stressed out...but content that I got the job done. Kind of like a runners high. Tired...but damn it felt good. Hmmm....I've never actually had a runners high. Bleh.

Being a pilot....I can't really bring work home. On days off I still check to see how the flights are doing...making sure everything is covered. I have rushed to the airport to cover a flight when there was literally no one else to fly it. Walking through the airport I look for situations where I can help another employee or passenger out. Why? I don't know.

Kelli is much the same way. Problem is Kelli is at a job where she can bring work home. At least once a month for a week or three she brings work home. She doesn't have too. No one ask her to. She does it because she knows it has to get done. All of her siblings are the same way. They all have a strong work ethic. I think Kelli's ethic takes steroids though. She works until she is exhausted...sleeps...and then goes back into it. I try to get her to not only works when she isn't in the DFW Metroplex. Well it used to be that way. With her new T-Mobile G1 she can still get to her work email...and then she worries about work. It's rare the she actually relaxes. It's a problem that bothers me.

I have a plan though. Paris. Not Paris, Texas. Paris, France. The U.S. Dollar is making a come back. International travel is WAY down (DFW-Paris flights have been less than 1/2 to 1/3 full lately with First Class being VERY open). In Paris her phone won't work. She won't bring her laptop, so her only access will be my laptop. I will block the website where she checks her work email on. Problem solved. Hmmm...well almost. I do have to find time to go to Paris.

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