Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Animal Kingdom...not so bad

So the Animal Kingdom wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The Safari was interesting. The drivers drove faster than I thought they would around some curves. Each Safari ride is different as the animals are free to roam around.

The Everest rollercoaster was awesome (I don't use that word often...so when I do...I mean it). You start facing forward twisting and turning up a mountain. Around 1/3 the way through you get to a steep incline where the track appears to have been destroyed. The train stops....and then you start going backwards down a different path than you took up. This is all done inside the mountain and it's very dark.

The other neat ride was the Dinosaur ride. This is similar to Indiana Jones at Disneyland in California. Riders are loaded up in Jeep like cars (3 rows 4 across) and then sent back in time. The vehicles almost seem to drive themselves. The vehicles speed up quick and take small diameter curves at a pretty high speed. All along the way dinosaurs pop out of the dark and scare he riders. The ride was rough, fast and caused some kids to leave crying.

After that there wasn't whole lot that interested me. We saw Finding Nemo....The Musical .....I was okay watching it. I am not into musicals in the slightest....after that show....I'm still not.

The rain came down after the show. Kinda sucked. We dealt the best we could.

One thing that is very nice about this vacation....Kelli and I are spending maybe $3 a day. My mother in law bought a package that covers 2 meals per day per person and 1 snack per day per person (along with park admission everyday). Each eatery has icons on the menu that show which items are considered snacks and meals. Very easy. I can only imagine how much this cost....gotta be close to my yearly salary as there are 10 people here.

Today is Disney Hollywood Studios. Should be fun. Tomorrow and Friday we can go wherever we want as the only park left is Disney Blizzard Beach. Anyone thinking of coming to Disney should come during January. The lines are VERY short. The longest line so far has been 10 minutes.

Looks like I am going to stay on my plane at American Eagle. I will be the most junior guy in Dallas on the plane. This means I will have little to no choice in what I will do. I will be the biotch. At least I still have a job. I will also earn slightly more than I would have on the ATR.

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