Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Took a trip to the "Genius" bar

My Macbook Pro won't read CD's or DVD's. Not a huge deal as I rarely ever use the drive. My warranty runs out May 1. I signed up on the Apple website for a meeting with a "genius". The Southlake Apple Store (closest to my house) was full for the week. The next closest store was Fort Worth. I signed up for a 10:45AM slot.


(photo taken from Flickr Here)

I arrived at 10:30AM (I'm always early) and walked in. A non "Genius" checked me in and said they would call me name. I saw my name randomly flash on a board showing my position in the que. Somewhere around 11:00 AM my name was called.

I quickly explained the problem and logged into my computer. The "Genius" put a DVD in and sure enough after a few seconds it popped back out. He then began taking my information. I am thinking there is a super "Genius" in the back who is just waiting to fix my Macbook Pro. The "Genius" then tells me it will be 3-5 days! WTF?!?! No way. I explain that I travel alot and can't go 3-5 days without my Macbook. After explaining "that's the way it is", I leave and head to an Apple Service Provider.

On the way I call and explain my situation. They stated they would diagnose it, order the part and then have me bring back my Macbook when the part comes in. This is what I wanted!

Once I arrived I explained the problem and then they also attempted to take my Macbook Pro for days! After some discussion they did take it to the back and after about 20 mintues gave my back my Macbook Pro and said they would call me tomorrow. Nice.

This is why I like building my own computers. I can fix them! I could likely fix the Macbook Pro but I would have to buy the CD/DVD drive myself versus having Apple pay for it.

Stay tuned.

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