Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got Ice?

Last night was interesting. I flew a Pittsburgh, PA turn. Flying through the ice into DFW was interesting. After I got back flights going out had problems as by the time the back of the plane was deiced, the front of the plane was iced over again as freezing rain was falling.

Driving home wasn't a big deal. I am glad I grabbed my ice scraper before I left home. I had a 1/3 to a 1/2 inch of ice on all sides except the driver side. This morning the entire Metroplex is covered in ice. My crazy wife went to work. Her car has anti-locking brakes, traction control and anti-skid control and she is patient. I am not too worried about her. The worry is the soccer moms and business executives in AWD SUVs who think AWD means they can drive on ice. No vehicle (except ones with studded tires...maybe) can drive on ice. I am watching the local news footage of idiots spinning out on overpasses, driving to quick on exits and sliding through intersections. Why go out?


Below is my car after getting home. I could not clear the ice on the passenger side in the employee parking lot. I figured I only had one right turn to make so it was okay (not the smartest idea). I ended up breaking a hole in the ice while driving. Thankfully the ice wasn't on the window surface and I could lower the window without a problem. I then took my ice scraper and broke a hole in the ice. I have heated mirrors so I could see fine.




Good times.

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