Saturday, January 17, 2009

I was home....I think

We left the Disney condo at 5:20PM EST. The flight we were listed for, 7:00PM departure,  standby on was fairly full. First class was booked full with 10 paying passengers who were on standby to upgrade. Coach had 20 open seats. We were set for coach. No big deal...we wanted first...but it appeared it wasn't going to happen.

Around boarding time we were up by the boarding area. The Orlando airport is being renovated. The boarding area is a mess. The gate agents only have one crappy speaker to talk through. This played out to our advantage. All the paying passengers who wanted (and should have had) first already had seats in coach. Rather than rebook them in first class the gate agent gave everyone non-reving (What Kelli and I are...non-revenue passengers) first class! This rarely happens. We would not be sitting together but it's still first class. Only bad thing was I was still in no alcohol. Booo. I would have changed if I thought I might get first...sitting in uniform in first makes me feel funny. I dunno. It was a very nice way to fly home from a tiring week.

We landed at 8:30PM. By 8:55PM we were on the employee shuttle to the employee parking lot. Around 9:25PM we walked in our house. After greeting the dogs, putting clothes in the washer and watching the news, we fell asleep around 10:30PM. I woke up at 6:00AM to get ready for a 13 hour work day. Good times.

I am now at the end of said workday. Tired. I really wanted to relax today. Didn't happen. I will now spend tonight away from home and may be able to be back in my house tomorrow night. I would be really pissy if I were gone for the next 4 nights (a possibility) as I would sleep in beds other than my own for 10 nights out of 11. I like my bed. I think I am getting tired. Bed time awaits. At least this hotel has nice beds. Not as nice as my own....but nice all the same.

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