Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm the only man who can hang

So far only the women and I have been able to stay at a park all day. The first two days my father in law and two brothers in law called in quits at each park after a few hours. They returned later in the day for dinner each night. I stayed all day with my wife, mother in law and two sisters in law. Kelli and I figured we are on vacation....we can sit around and watch TV at home.

My mother in law bought a very nice package for the family. Everything is covered. We each have tickets to each park everyday, two meals a day and one snack a day. We were each issued a card (much like a credit card) with our name on it. The card is our hotel key, ticket to the parks and meal cards. The same card would also open the door to a cruise stateroom if we were taking a cruise. Disney is very integrated.

The food has been very good so far. Last night we ate dinner at a seafood restaurant next to the "Finding Nemo" adventure. Only Jami (my sister in law) and I had seafood. Funny. I figured my father in law John would have had seafood...but he went for the steak.

Today is the Animal Kingdom. I don't really care for animals so I am bringing my MP3 player just in case.

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