Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disneyworld Parks...done

Today was Disney Hollywood Studios. I will say this was the best park here.

Our first stop was the Toy Story ride...but only to get a fast pass (to come back later and skip the line). We then rode Hollywood Tower of Terror. I have ridden the same ride in California. The ride here is very similar, but is different in that the whole car moves forward in the hotel through a room before dropping to the ground.

Next up was Rocking Roller Coaster with music from Aerosmith. That was one awesome roller coaster. The entire ride is indoors in the dark. The only lights are street signs that light up along the way. During the ride Aerosmith music is blasted from speakers in the seat. Awesome.

We then rode Toy Story. This is a competitive ride. Kelli and I each kinda won. She was more accurate while I had a higher score. We wanted to try again but the line was over an hour long the rest of the day.

While walking through the park I noticed that there was a man standing outside The American Idol Experience. The attraction doesn't open officially until February 14th, but they had the first three test shows today. We were able to see the 2nd test showing. The stage is just like the TV show. They have 3 "Randy" chick and one ass who is "Simon" like. Park guest can audition each day to be on a show. The show was very neat. The winner of the finale each day gets a "Dream Ticket" that will get them to the front of the line at ANY real American Idol audition event. Pretty neat.


Tomorrow we plan on hitting Toy Story again and then who knows. We have visited all the parks we wanted to visit.

Spending a week with Kelli's family has been interesting. My previous "top niece" Haley is in the beginnings of her "terrible twos". She is 1 1/2 years old now. She is VERY moody. When she is in a good mood she is great. She doesn't do too well with men though. Whenever I or another male picks her up...she doesn't dig it.

My other niece Gianna is almost 3 years old. She is much better than the last time I was with her. She is very expressive and loves attention. This is the first time Gianna has ever had to share her Grandmother. There have been several times where she will bogart Peggy (my mother in law/ her grandmother) and taunt Haley. Good times.

As of now I plan on heading back home Friday evening. I am pretty sure I will be flying (in the cockpit) on Saturday.

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