Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cold nuts....not for Kelli!

We flew to Atlanta and back today. The flights were crazy open. There were 29 people on the flight to Atlanta and 80 on the way back. The plane held 140 people. On the way out we flew coach as Kelli would sleep and we didn't need breakfast. We had a good time (I took quite a few photos, click on one of the photos to the right to go to my Flickr page and see them!). The flight back we flew first class. This was supposed to be a dinner flight. Well the ovens were broken. So instead of warm nuts as we normally get...we got cold nuts. Kelli absolutely refused cold nuts. Seriously. I was in awe. I took my cold nuts and enjoyed a bloody mary (with an extra bottle of Vodka and bloody mary mix....we had an awesome flight attendant !). For dinner we had a nice salad, cake and cold bread. Kelli is so picky on's funny.


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