Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 1....done

We made it to Orlando. The flight out was nice. The next 5 hours waiting in the airport for the rest of the inlaws....not so much.

One of my brother in laws is a NYPD cop. He used his status to haul ass from NY to Orlando. Somehow he only got pulled over once. The cop scolded him for going "only" 80 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. Nice.

The on site hotel we are staying in (Old Key West) is very nice. Photos to come. It's a 3 bedroom 4 bathroom condo. The only issue. No wireless!!!! One ethernet port....we have 3 laptops. I can't get ICS to work on any of the computers. The ADHOC network says its ready...but when I try to connect. Nothing. Gotta try more later. One would think Disney would have wireless. Also $10 a day! Damn Google G1 phones don't support or allow tethering. Grrr.

Time to head out for the day. Keep an eye on my Flickr for updates.

I haven't been here in 14 years. My how much has changed.


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