Monday, January 19, 2009

Ready for vacation

Hindsight I should have come home Friday morning. Coming home so late Friday night and then working first thing Saturday morning was a bad idea. I was tired all Saturday. Had a few hours sleep that night. The phone rang at 4:10AM Sunday morning to start my day. Yesterday was long. Delays. Pittsburgh was cold and REALLY snowy. When I got home at 5PM I didn't last long. I went to bed at 7:30PM and stayed in bed for 12 hours. Finally rested.

Circuit City is going out of business. I will have to start weekly visits to see how the demise sales are going.

I'm watching TV I missed from last week. American Idol and Fox use one of the best HDTV recording and broadcast systems out there. The picture is crazy clear and the colors are vibrant.

The Detroit auto show is this week. I might fly up by myself and check it out. Kelli would go but she has an AC/DC concert to go to with her dad. My schedule has me off Friday-Sunday.

We were supposed to go to Denver February 6th for a wedding for a pilot/friend of mine. He is a First Officer on the same plane I fly...he is right under me in seniority. I was supposed to be an usher but was upgraded to groomsman last week. I got a text yesterday stating that I didn't need to get fitted for a tux because the wedding was off. That's not good. Sucks for all those that bought airline tickets and such for the event just 3 weeks away.

For now....time to recover from vacation.

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