Thursday, January 8, 2009

A different kinda of music

Kelli and I work because we are different. I make light of this every now and then...and it's true. Aside from our political beliefs, food and the way we like the sheets (I like them however, Kelli must have them perfectly straight and even on both sides)...another big difference is music.

I grew up listening to "alternative" music. Most of the artist I listened to were not "mainstream". Currently I listen to more well known artist but still enjoy the "different" artist when one comes along that tickles my ear.

About a month ago I came across Amanda Palmer. I use a Zune 80GB MP3 player filled with music from Microsoft Zune music software. The player/software tracks ths music I listen to and offers up new music I might like. I was exercising one day with the MP3 player on random when "Oasis" came on. I really enjoyed it. I then downloaded the whole CD and found I liked every song. I played the "Oasis" video for Kelli....she didn't get it. I don't get AC/DC so I guess we are even.

Below is the "Oasis" video from Amanda Palmer.


Speaking of working out both Kelli and I can definitely see a positive change from regular exercise. The Wii Fit really does work for me while Tae Bo works for Kelli. Just gotta stick to it.

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  1. How can you not get AC/DC? ?!?!?!?!?!?!