Thursday, January 8, 2009

All Fixed Up

My Macbook Pro is back in business. The folks at Hardin computer ( ordered the part yesterday and installed it today. They called me at noon, I arrived at 2PM and they had it fixed by 3PM. Nice. Good as new. I have already decided that my next computer will be a Macbook Air. I very rarely used the CD/DVD drive on my Macbook. The new Macbook Air's are just as powerful as the Macbook Pro so the only thing you give up is thickness and an optical drive.

Kelli got me watching Weeds.

I am going to Houston tomorrow to have lunch with my dad. I plan on flying American Eagle to Hobby airport (the small Houston airport) and flying American Airlines back out of Intercontinental (the big Houston airport).

Less than 48 hours till Disneyworld.

I got an email from my airline that I will be starting training on the 19th. I was on reserve the 17th and the 18th. Due to contractual obligations I was given the 18th off. I am still working the 17th which sucks. I will have to make a game time decision the 16th if I have to come home that night or the morning of the 17th.

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