Friday, January 9, 2009

Today was a good day

I took a trip down to Houston to have lunch with my dad today. The first flight of the day had plenty of seats available. I found a rental car for $37 all in. One thing about rental cars...renting for 5 hours cost way more than renting for 24

When I got on the plane this morning two Vice Presidents from my last real job, working at The Pinnacle Corporation (, sat right in front of me. One of them remembered me...damn good memory as I have been gone for almost 3 years!

The flight down was uneventful. I quickly hopped in the rental (a Subaru Legacy...first time driving a Subaru for me) and headed to his house.

When we moved into the area in 1980 it was the country. Now every time I visit there is a new super fancy apartment complex or store. Nutty. There is no way I could live there now....too many stop lights and congestion. The house has changed very little in the last 9 years much less the last 30.


We went and had a very good mexican breakfast at a local neighborhood restaurant. We then went back to the house, chatted a bit before I had to head back to the airport. Below is an extremely rare photo of my dad. It's rare because 1)He doesn't like his photo taken 2) He almost always wears sunglasses 3) He is smiling!


Heading back to the airport......I pass right by the Veterans Cemetery in Houston. I do my best to always stop by and pay my respects to my mother.


My mother is a large part of who I am today. My sense of humor, work ethic, disorganized living arrangements, and gambling come from my mother. My father gave me my hardheadedness (is that a word?), my taking extreme pride in what I do and my desire to always want to do better. Unlike myself and my mother, my dad is a VERY clean and organized person. That's one trait I didn't even take a morsel of. His house is always perfectly clean.

My life as I knew it came to a screeching halt July 3, 2000. I had just graduated college and moved into a house my mother owned. My fiance at the time and I were driving back to the house when we drove by my mom who was heading home (her business was located in a house she owned next to the house I was moving into). That night I drove by to Nacogdoches....can't remember why. Just after 10PM the phone rang. The next few hours after that were a blur.

I am not a spiritual person....but I know my mother is watching over me. Sometimes when I am flying thru the sky at 39,000 feet I just stare out the window and think about her. I miss her dearly. Below is a photo of her with one of her many, many,many jackpots.


The flight back was more full than I thought. I was a little worried on if I would make it on or not. There was an American Airlines pilot on standby with me. If there was just the cockpit jump seat available it would go to him as we were flying on American Airlines. If this had been an American Eagle flight I would have trumped him and taken the seat. Everything worked out fine and I got a normal seat in coach. The same two VP's were on my return flight. I wonder if they remembered where I went when I left the company. Gotta think it was odd to see me on both of their flights.

Tomorrow is Disney.

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