Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No More Jets For You! One Year! NEXT !

It was a thing of beauty. I gracefully guided 30 passengers and 3 other crew members down to a landing so smooth they could have all been shaving and been free of cuts or nicks.

This morning I landed the CRJ-700 for what is likely the last time for a while....if ever. I was a little worried that I would bounce it or have a rough landing as it was very light and very calm winds. Everything was on my side today.

Here is a photo of the CRJ-700 for those who have no idea what it looks like or how big it is.


So what's next? Well Disneyworld.....then I do have 1 day of reserve left. I seriously doubt I will fly. Two weeks from yesterday I start training on my next plane. The Super ATR 72.

The ATR is an older plane that requires more work on the part of the pilots, flys slower, lower and shorter trips. Oh and I get paid $6 an hour less. I should be flying it sometime in March.

Here is the ATR.


I'm looking forward to the challenge....and having weekends off while in training.....and then having a much better schedule. I will miss sipping coffee while watching the sunrise at 38,000 feet. I know I will return to a jet soon...probably within a year or two.

This last trip was kind of rough. I was gone for 4 nights...haven't done that in months. Hopefully won't have to do it again.

For now...I am going to sit back....relax...and wait for Disney.

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