Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long weekend

Family was in town this weekend. Didn't see them much as I worked 13 hour days each day they were here. I didn't dare complain as my sister in law is a nurse and brother in law a cop. Thirteen hour shifts are a cake walk.

Baby shower was Saturday. Also was our 8 year anniversary of us starting to date. I spent the day flying to Cleveland, Ohio and back. Just as good. Didn't really want to be in a house full of women. We got some good stuff. Kelli says there is $800 more to buy! Ouch.

I was home after the party. Eric, Angela and Marin came over. Marin had a great time playing with my niece Haley.

Kelli and I swapped cars while the family was here. I increased her gas mileage by .3 MPG. She dropped mine by a full 4 MPG. Seeesh.

I'm off for 4 consecutive days this week. Payback for working 6 days in a row last week.

Almost missed my second allergy shot of the week last week. Going to be a slight challenge getting there twice a week....even though it's 2 miles away. I have to go twice at least two days apart. Closed Sunday and Saturdays after 12PM.

Kindle App for Android is out. Free. Bought my first book Samantha Bee I Know I am, But Who Are You ? . Very legible even on the small screen. I can read the book on my phone, computer or Kelli's Kindle.

Fixed my Zune broken glass this morning. Broke the LCD.

Looking forward to a day off that line's up with Kelli being off. Should happen on July 10th.

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