Thursday, July 1, 2010

So easy a Forensic Analyst can do it?

When I got my first computer back in the early 90's it came with instruction manuals almost as heavy as the computer itself. It was needed. Computers were complicated. Over the years computers have become easier to use and the manuals are mostly an afterthought. The idea being no one really read them so if they had a problem they would just call tech support.

This annoys me as I like manuals. I like to really know how things work. For the most part when I get a new gadget I play with it for a bit and see if I can figure it out. Once I have an idea I read the entire manual. One of my favorite manuals to read are car owners manuals.

Anyways I know I have a well made gadget when the device is so easy to use a manual isn't needed. Something so easy a Forensic Analyst can use it....i.e. Kelli.

Kelli is highly resistant to technology and change. She is very much so a routine person. She gets in a groove that works for her and doesn't like to change it.

My first chink in her armor of tech came with her getting a slightly intelligent phone. She protested as she didn't need anything more than a basic phone. Later she got a laptop as she realized it was neat to sit on the couch and use a computer. Not long after she got her first smart phone, then a zune MP3 player, then a Kindle DX then an Apple Macbook, then a Zune HD then a Nexus One. Her daily tech now consist of her Zune HD, Nexus One and Macbook. When we travel she uses her Kindle DX.

Technology has become so easy to use....that it's harder for me to use. Take Windows 7. Awesome OS for the most part, but the search function that's been around for a long time has been waaaay dumbed down. Annoying.

I finally bit the bullet and got an ereader. I was drooling over the Pandigital Novel, but it was recalled for defects within a week of it being out. I then got hot and heavy over the wifi only Nook....but it won't be out till maybe this week. I was getting backed up....I was getting blue techballs. Monday I was sitting on the couch watching a movie while my sister in law Jessi read a book when it happened. Best Buy showed to have a base model Ipad in stock. I quietly stepped out and rushed to buy it. The employee said they had just put the product in the cage 20 minutes prior. It's mine.

Most of what I do online is read.....blogs....gadget The Ipad is great for it. I can buy and compare prices for eBooks from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple (IBook) and I think Walden books. I of course bought from Amazon as I can read the same book on my computer or Nexus One. The Amazon app supports Whisper Sync which means I can read on my IPad, close the book then open it on my Nexus One and it will pick up where I left off. Very neat.

Beyond that the IPad can do 75% of what I need a computer to do. The keyboard is useful, but I would never write an entire blog post on it. Battery last all day and then sum. One annoyance....I can only sync it with one computer. I might need a work around as I plan on taking my netbook along on trips.

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