Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A week with an IPad

I've now had my IPad for a week. Verdict so far.....I'm in love.

The first few days were a little awkward as I've never owned an Iphone/Ipod touch before. Getting around was easy. I found some things the iOs does better than Android (such as copy and paste) but some it does worse....notifications!

On Friday I left early in the morning for a 4 day trip. I overnighted in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, D.C (two nights in a row). I wasn't ready to cut the cord to a PC yet so I brought along my netbook.

The battery life of the IPad is better than my Nexus One by a long shot. Better than the IPhone 4 as well. I have used it on and off for an entire day and never had to recharge. The most use in one day exceeded 7 hours. Very nice.

I am almost done with my first Kindle book. As an ereader the Ipad is just okay. No doubt the Kindle is better. The glare of the Ipad in sunlight was the most annoying feature. I turned down the brightness to minimum so the back lighting didn't bother me at all.

I've become a "Words With Friends" addict. Words with Friends is a Scrabble like game. I'm playing 6 games at once. Won a few...lost a few. Kelli would love it...but she is resistant to an Ipod Touch/IPad. I think my mother in law would enjoy it as well.

While in DC I tossed my Ipad in my messenger bag and walk around the city. I was able to get online via free WiFi (in the Pentagon City Mall or Hotel) or just as easily via tethering to my phone. At least for me there is no need for the 3G model.

Going through security was just as easy as going through with my netbook. I left the Ipad in the case and placed it in a bin.

Overall...I'm very happy. I used my netbook only to update my pilot blog and use my company scheduling software.

My time in DC was fun. I naively went to the National Mall to visit a museum. Bad idea. All the lines were over an hour long!!! I found a tree and read on my Ipad for a bit before heading back.

The hotel I was at has a rooftop pool. I headed up there and took a seat for the firework show. It was an awesome view!!

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