Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Step 1....open box carefully

I think Kelli has Ipad envy. She likes Words With Friends. Only playable on Ipad/Iphone/Ipod Touch.

I did mention to her that an Ipad would be easier to use while holding/nursing a baby. She agreed.

Damn nurse injected my allergy shot INTO my muscle yesterday. Hurt. Bruised. Still hurts. I'm a wimp for pain.

My sister in law and her girlfriend bought a Prius. Unlike my brother in law in New York, they actually listened and took my advice to heart on car choices. My sister in law Jami previously had a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV that she loved. She was looking for something SUVish that wasn't expensive but reliable. The Santa Fe was perfect for her. Big enough, great gas mileage and was very reliable for her over 40000+ miles. My brother in law Kevin was looking for a car a few years ago. Kelli and I both told him to get a Honda Civic Hybrid or a Prius or a plain Honda Civic. He bought a Honda Accord EX-L V6. Great car, but he complains about the poor gas mileage. Shoulda listened.

I was able to sit at home and get paid yesterday! I am doing the same thing today. Hopefully I won't get called. We have a doctor visit this afternoon...another sonogram.

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