Friday, July 9, 2010

Side effects

The human body is a complex system of chemicals and goo. Yup goo. For most people the balance of chemicals and goo is just right to allow them to function. For others, outside chemicals (and sometimes goo) is needed.

I grew up in Houston...a humid, hot place. Never had much in the way of known allergies. My first year of college was up in Lubbock, TX (Panhandle of Texas...desert like). I felt better there....except for the dry air. Apparently I did have allergies.

My next 4 years of college (don't judge!) were in DEEP East Texas. They use the word DEEP, it's not a judgement on my account.

I developed bad allergies every spring. Sneezing, watering eyes, itchy throat, flaming nostrils,  grew a third nipple kind of allergies. I took over the counter Tylenol Severe Allergy daily. Eventually  I went to the Quack Shack (name given for the campus clinic) along with my girlfriend at the time who also had allergies.

We were both given Allegra. The medicine helped after a few days. There were side effects though. Both of us went from happy go lucky people to somber and quiet. It took a while to notice. Our semi active lives changed and we were docile and moody. Our happy relationship changed and we argued a lot more. We both got off Allegra and onto Claritin. Our relationship went back to normal and lasted until her crazy mother's brainwashing finally did the trick. Which is a good thing as I would likely not be where I am today if she were still in my life.

Fast forward to June 2010. My allergy Doctor initially prescribed a drug normally used for Asthmatics but helps with allergies as well. For normal folks it's no big deal. I'm a pilot. The drug requires a good deal of paperwork in order for me to take it as it's viewed as an asthmatic drug. Instead I was prescribed Fexofenadine HCL..... AKA Allegra which is FAA approved.

For some reason I thought this time would be different. I began taking the drug and after a few days the normal burning feeling I have in my nostrils was gone. I could breathe again. Times were good. So I thought.

Fast forward again to this week (using the fast forward button a lot today). Apparently my chemicals and goo reacted to Allegra the same way it did more than 12 years ago. I had become docile (more than normal), moody, irritable and just plain blah.

Wednesday was D day. I had the day off but just sat on the couch not wanting to do anything. Surrounded by technology I could find nothing to occupy my time. As the day went on I became more agitated and annoyed. It wasn't until late that night (when I had a "discussion" with Kelli)  that I realized it was Allegra that was causing my moodiness. Thursday morning I stopped taking Allegra and ordered up 3 months supply of Claritin OTC. I can tell the Allegra is leaving my system. I had a headache  and light headedness akin to a hangover.  My nostrils are burning again, the Claritin should be here this afternoon (I love Amazon).

My airline offered up a temporary duty assignment for New York City for August. It's a sweet deal. Hotel room for 30 days. Free travel to and from and the biggest perk, per diem 24 hours a day for the entire free....about $1300 worth of extra money.

I was hoping for such an assignment in July. In August...can't really do it. Maybe in September. Maybe.

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