Monday, June 7, 2010

Lavatory Navigation

Waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom sucks. Kelli does it often now that Dijon is using her bladder as a trampoline.

Turning on lights when you were sound asleep sucks. Bright lights screw up your internal clock. Dark = sleep. Light = wake up. I hate turning on the light to use the restroom. Shooting in the dark is dangerous. There had to be a better way!

There are no power outlets next to the toilet in the master bathroom. What to do? The Lav Nav!

I heard about the Lav Nav on the Daily Giz Whiz podcast. It's a simple device that attaches to the back of the toilet that monitors the position of the lid as well as provides a soft light for navigation. If the seat lid is up the light is red (for Kelli doesn't get a back end wash). If the lid is down the light is green (cleared to land). The Lav Nav has a proimity sensor so it only turns on when you walk up.

The light is plenty bright to see whats going on, but not bright enough to cause eye pain and wake you up. Perfect. Just $19.95 on shipping.

New Iphone is out. It's awesome. I would like it. But won't get one. My sister in law should get one....think she is up for an upgrade....she's currently getting by with a 3G.

My food palette is shrinking. I am sure it's 100% mental, but I have little desire for fast food or processed food. I think I feel better than I used to. Belt is getting bigger. Need to buy a smaller one.

People walking around with bluetooth headsets on all the time are dorks.

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