Thursday, June 3, 2010

The results are in!

Kelli passed her glucose test...the second time.

We are up for renewal on auto insurance from Progressive. Next time we are saving up to $111 on our next policy. We pay in full so we will save $67.  Kind of convoluted but if we were normal people with our current (very high CYA coverages!) we would pay $644 every 6 months if we paid using installments. By having MyRate and paying in full we are only paying $466 every 6 months. Total "savings" over a year is $356. Take that to the bank!

Kelli is getting 18% off while I am only getting 16% off. I thought I would save more since I drive less....dunno.

The Roku box I bought for my dad came yesterday. Damn easy to setup. A lot more content is on there than I thought. Heading to Houston on Saturday to hook it up.

The dogs are still alive.

Less than two months to go on the baby front. Name of the week updated. Sugarbaby.

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