Monday, June 21, 2010

Let me inject you with everything you're allergic too

Allergy shots make me laugh in an evil way.

"Hey we're going to take all the stuff you're allergic too and inject it into your arm. You cool with that?"

Yeah. Itchy. Over time though....should feel better.

Amazing world we live in. In response to Barnes and Noble dropping the price of the Nook to $149 for Wifi and $199 for 3G, Amazon dropped the Kindle (which is 3G only) to $189. That's $70 off the price on Sunday and $210 off since the original debut in 2007. True over 3 years the price to produce the Kindle has gone down. Still at under $200....both ereaders provide a great reading experience. My nod goes to the Nook though....more advanced and less proprietary.

I have had a few bites on my Macbook Pro. It's up on Craigslist for $950. I paid $1700 for it 2 years ago. If I can sell it for $950 I will be happy. Apple computers have the same crazy high resale values that Lexus and BMWs enjoy. By comparison a 2 year old ultra premium ($1500+) HP or Dell computer barely holds 1/4th the value and has a much smaller market.

Almost traded my netbook for an Ipad yesterday. Guy on craigslist wanted a netbook. Over a few emails I thought we had agreed  on trading my HP 5101 for his 16GB Ipad. I would include $250 cash. Then he stared wanting more cash since my HP only has a license for Windows XP Home and not Pro. I backed out. My 5101 is much nicer than the average netbook. He wanted to meet and check it out. In order to do that I would have to wipe my 5101 and put XP back on it. That's about an hour or so of my time for something that may not happen. No thanks. I'll keep my netbook.

Stopped by a day care yesterday. Not trolling for kids. Looking for some place to watch Avantika. It was a franchise from La Petite Academy. It was okay. I didn't get a good vibe. We will visit more. They charge $227 a week. Only half if we are on vacation. In the future we would be able to save money if I can move my schedule around to be off one full week a month. Very possible.

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