Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shootin' Up

Got my first allergy shot today. Arm started to fell itchy...then I remembered....I am being injected with stuff I am allergic to!

T-Mobile unleashed the HSPA+ network. What does this mean? Our cellphones have nearly as fast download speeds as our home AT&T Uverse. I love the world I live in.

The Captain I sit airport standby with bought a fancy new Macbook Pro Core I5 yesterday. Spent the morning helping him set up Windows 7 and just getting around Mac. Damn sexy machine. Thinner than mine. I had Mac envy.

Hung up the curtains in the baby room. Still pondering where to put "A Princess Lives Here" sign I bought.

Years ago Kelli and I flew to Sacramento as "real paying passengers". Round trip from Dallas it was $290 a person. From Austin it was $160  person...and we flew through Dallas. Back then we bought one way tickets to Austin, ate breakfast, hopped back on a plane, flew to Dallas changed planes and flew to Sacramento. On the way back we got off in Dallas and went home. We saved over $260. I say that to say the following.

A ticket round trip to Portland from Dallas is $540. From Austin....going through Dallas....$260.  Why am I looking at airfare? Well Kelli might need a "real" ticket to fly with the rib kicker as standby can be rough. I do get 10% off the lowest fare I can find. Eh.

One of Kellis dogs is over 7 years old. That got met thinking....Kelli and I have had a social agreement going on 8 of next week. Eight years. Over 2900

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