Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My father in law is a…….geek?

My father in law owns his own business up in Oregon. He repairs and occassionally designs industrial machines. Lots of welding and metal work. Rough job. He knows it well.

While waiting to get one of my twice a week injections of concentrated itch he called me. One of his computers was down.

After a minute of troubleshooting I concluded it was likely a bad power supply. I told him how to take the old one out and what kind of power supply to buy to replace it. I then stated if it was a truly dead computer it wasn't hard to pull the data off the old hard drive. He then came back with, "Oh I'm not worried about the data, I have Carbonite." I was silent. He just shocked me. "Wow, you're all set then."

I just started using Carbonite a few months ago. Carbonite is an off site backup service with unlimited data storage. Very easy to use. It's currently backing up over 90 gigs of photos and files for our house. It's dead easy to use. Simply tell it which folders to monitor....that's it. Recovery is very easy as well.

Turns out it was just a power supply. He swapped it with another computer. I'm still amazed that he KNEW about Carbonite. I am curious if he has it installed on more than one or two computers as it can get expensive at roughly $55 per computer per year. There is a new Carbonite Pro designed for business. It's cheaper if more than 3 computers are signed up for the service.

Think I'm going to get an Nook. Makes the MOST sense with a baby on the way.

Cell phones are amazing. I'm still in awe. In my hand I hold a device that can connect to a tower MILES away to then connect to the Internet to do any number of things.  And the damn thing makes phone calls!!!!!

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  1. So did you install Carbonite on your Home Server or a "Main" computer. I have thought about doing it on my Windows Server which basically acts as a NAT with mirrored HDs...I assume it would work on Server 2003? ...I looked in there support docs and it says, "Because Windows Server configurations vary, our best recommendation for Windows Server is to install a free Carbonite trial on your Windows Server machine..."