Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's in a name?

Byrdintheoven is still down. Even my temp link is screwed up. After several phone calls yesterday things are supposed to start working today.....maybe.

Byrdintheoven is just a name. The Internet is based on numbers.....like a phone number. The current problem is when you type in Byrdintheoven there isn't an IP Address or phone number attached to it.

Last night Kelli and I went to dinner with a friend of mine who works for a different airline. Went to Stratos. Half price dinner. Good food. Kelli was surprised to hear things are crappy all over.

Bought my dad a Roku box for fathers day. Plan on hooking it up for him this weekend. The Roku is very easy to use. He can now stream movies over his Internet connection. He doesn't have cable so this will greatly expand his TV experience.

Heard some horrible news concerning a fellow pilot. She is 5 months pregnant. She had a 35 hour layover last week and her parents planned on driving down and visiting with her. She had trouble getting a hold of them. While on a layover she found out her parents were in a rollover accident and her mom was thrown through the windshield. Pregnant and alone she had to travel from Cleveland to Chicago to Kalamazoo. Her husband also works for the airline but couldn't leave right away. Feel horrible for her. Police report her father fell asleep. Niether were wearing seatbelts. He had serious, but not fatal injuries. Her mother died.

I bought a new wifi adapter call a Wi-Fire. In my crewroom the "linksys" wireless connection is spotty. I get free T-Mobile hotspots but the signal is weak downstairs. Not anymore. With the Wi-fire it comes in just fine. I was skeptical, but even at home I can pick up 3X as many wifi routers. Crazy!

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