Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fixing it myself

I like to fix things myself. Sometimes I screw up....sometimes I get it just right.

Owning a house means I have attempted quite a few repairs/upgrades on my own. Before the Internet people would buy a book and figure things out. Nowadays instructions are a Youtube search away.

I've watched videos on how to install floors, replace lighting, install home networking, install a car stereo and more. There are several great guides on gadget repair over at I used that site to replace the hard drive in my Macbook Pro and more. Love it.

Yesterday my Zune HD had a glass shattering fall yesterday. I was trying to carry too many things at one time. Ouch. It had fallen a few times before. Always survived. I was worried it would be an expensive tumble. Nope....$25 for the part and about an hour of my time.

Family coming in town tonight. I might be in Cleveland. Eh.

I was up in the attic this week working on a project. After just 4 minutes I was drenched in sweat. Rethinking installing new cameras this summer. I'm a house geek not a field geek.

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