Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Monday

Went to the allergist for a test. My back was on fire for 20 minutes with 64 allergins on it. Verdict: Dogs, Cats, Dust, Grass, and Pollen. Taking weekly shots, daily pills and twice a day inhalants...for a long time.

Flying today. At first I was going to avoid passengers till the end of the day. Not anymore. Now I am deadheading to Abilene, test flying a plane, then (if it passes) flying that plane to DFW empty, the flying another empty plane to Abilene, then deadheading back to DFW. Boo.

We bought a new printer yesterday. No more inkjets for us. Network Laser printer/fax/copier on sale at Fry's for almost free. Getting rid of the current ones.

Kelli stated if the rib kicker was born today it could survive on it's own. Good to know.

Saw Precious last night. Good movie. Sad knowing kids live like this everyday.

Debating on spelling the rib kicker's real name as Natali or Natalie. Natali is of course patterned after Natali Del Conte.

Installed Ubuntu Linux again. Getting better. Still not consumer friendly as I can't figure out how to install flash on Chrome. I love Google Chrome by the way. Syncs all my bookmarks to every computer I use.

The dogs are still alive.

I think my dad has watched 100 movies in the past week. Glad he is enjoying Roku.

Time to go to work.

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