Sunday, June 6, 2010

Will Kelli have Macrosomia?

Nice weekend. Having weekends off makes me feel like I have a "regular" job.

Got a nice phone call yesterday from my former flight school. Two years go I scored an awesome job teaching in their CRJ simulator for $300 a day. It only lasted a month or so as airline hiring stopped. The director called yesterday and offered me a session THIS Friday as well as hinted that things might be picking up again. Perfect timing. I can earn way more there than I can at work. Hope it continues.

Kelli drug me to Get Him To The Greek yesterday. I thought it would be bad. It was. A true train wreck. Ugh. Save your cash.

New Pandigital ereader is on sale today. MSRP is $199....Kohls has it for $259!?!?!?! I'll wait for $199.

Decided on our security camera system. Going for a proprietary dedicated system. This will allow me to put it in the same closet as the current switch. Now to order and start installing cameras. Still fine tuning a baby camera. I don't want to buy an off the shelf baby monitor as they are NOT secure.

My dad loved the Roku box. The remote has very few buttons....non-intimidating. He was amazed at how easy it is to use and how fast movies start. I piggybacked the device onto our Netflix account so no monthly cost. Only negative is he has to start with our "intant cue" versus his own. I don't think he would go online and line up movies anyway. I did add  few movies I thought he would like. He refuses to get cable, so this is a great option for him. He can search for movies on his own via the device. At just $99 it's a steal!

Visited one some extended family while I was in Houston. An Aunt and Uncle I haven't seen in...10 years?

Due to genetics, Kelli is susceptible to Macrosomia. Gonna find out how bad it is this Thursday.

I bought some basic RAM at my local Compusa last week. Same brand (Corsair) as I have used in the past. I replaced the RAM in my old office computer with new Corsair RAM. Tried to install Windows 7. Got continuous BSODs (Blue Screen Of Death). Put the old RAM in....installed fine. Tried the new RAM in another computer. Worked fine. Thought about returning it to Compusa as it didn't appear to work for me....until I saw the ridiculously high restocking fee!!! Fry's has no restocking fee (unless it's a new change). I will have to be very careful about Compusa. It's much closer than Fry's.....but is it worth it?

The baby shower is in a little more than 2 weeks. I work that weekend....which is probably a good thing. Lots of estrogen will be in the house.

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