Friday, June 25, 2010

Screw you AT&T!

Family in town. I picked up my sister in law and her girlfriend along with my niece last night. I stood in baggage claim for the first time in years. They only brought one huge bag. Less than they brought for the cruise. I still think they could have gotten by with carry on. Time will tell how Kelli and I will do.

Along with them is my mother in law and another sister in law. Six people means Kelli's Prius is inadequate. Gave her my car for the day. I'm a little worried. Hopefully she parks way far out in parking lots.

AT&T UVerse support can kiss my shiney brown but. Horrible. Service went down yesterday. No biggie. It happens. I tether'ed my phone to my phone and looked up the support number. When I called I dealt with a new automated system. Not only does it take your information....It tried to troubleshoot the damn issue. After 5 steps it passed me to a human.

I used to work in high speed internet support. I know a few things. The problem was the router/modem was not getting an IP address from AT&T. Tried to reboot it. Nothing.

The first human was nice and I let them know what I had done. She had me do the same things again. I complied. She then wanted me to default the Uverse router. I asked why this was needed if the service stopped working after months of being fine. She insisted . After letting her know I was certain it would not fix the issue I again complied. Service still down. Then the phone call ended. Nice.

I called back. Automated system again. New tech. More troubleshooting. Finally agreed the problem WASN'T with the router and they would have to send out a tech. Ugh.

Appointment made from 4-9. I gave them two phone numbers to call prior.

Kelli and I had an appointment at 3PM two miles from our house. Dr. was running late. I called AT&T at 3:45PM to check on our status. I figured it would be quick so I stepped into the lobby. Turns out they had our home number on file to call not the two numbers I gave them. Fifteen minutes later they have the correct numbers and stated they would call prior to coming. I walk back in and Kelli is walking out. I missed everything.

We get home at 4:30PM. The Internet and TV started working again. At 5:10PM the phone rings the guy is on his way. Two minutes later he is at our door. Thanks for the heads up. Worthless. The problem was NOT at our house.

Because I defaulted the system my network is all screwy. I could and maybe should, use another router for my network have connect it to the Uverse router to avoid this issue. Eh. Annoyed.

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  1. I have been using DD-WRT firmware installed over a cheap Linksys for over a year now...solid! I had to use by FIOS router the other day to process an update on my cable box and the wireless was shotty the whole time.