Sunday, June 20, 2010

Man cave

Our house is roughly 2000 square feet (1960 to be exact). Off that 2000 square feet I have 110 square feet as my "Man Cave". It's full of computer parts and stuff. My stuff. Kelli is fine with whatever I do in there. She never has to go in there. As long as my stuff fits in my man cave....and the door can close....all is good.

At first my stuff occupied space in every closet in this house plus two rooms. Getting down to just one room is quite a feat. My room. Kelli has never attempted to clean or organize my room. All is good.

My room. Less than 5% of the house. My room. Man cave. No one else is welcome in there. No one. My room.

The Barnes and Noble nook WILL be $149 this Wednesday at Best Buy and Barnes and Noble. The catch? WiFi only. The 3G/Wifi model will be $199. Interesting. I don't think 3G is REALLY needed. Useful yes...but wifi is everywhere. I want an ereader, but I resist because it's ANOTHER device to carry.

Right now I carry a laptop (Macbook Pro most of the time), Zune HD, Digital Camera and my Nexus One. Increasingly I am leaving my Zune HD behind as my Nexus One can play music and downloads all my audio podcast without issue. I watch my video podcast on my laptop.

If I bought an ereader it wouldn't replace anything. A tablet PC could replace the laptop and Zune HD. Thus I would be carrying 3 things at most. Which tablet PC though?

I've been an Android champion from day 1. I ordered The T-Mobile G1 sight unseen the first day it was available for order. Android tablets are supposed to be on the horizon. My employer has an Iphone app that allows me to connect to the software I use for work. Currently I have to use a "real" computer to access the software. No app is in production for Android. Soo....Ipad?

I poo poo'd the Ipad back in March. I want one. Can almost justify it. My attempts at tricking Kelli into buying me one failed.

Over the weekend I kept thanking her for buying me an Ipad and posted that she bought me one for Juneteenth. I was hoping a Jedi Mind Trick would result in her thinking, "I guess this pregnancy is messing with my head because I bought Darren an Ipad." Didn't work. Hmmm.

With the application for accessing software for work coming out I could travel 3-4 days with just an Ipad. Hmmm.

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