Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a day

Kelli's new Macbook is here. I think she will be happy. After she unboxed it I installed the updates and then set it up on the Time Capsule. The addition of her Mac means the Windows Home Server is becoming kinda useless. Right now it backs up only one other computer in the house. A few months ago it was backing up 5 computers.

My 32nd birthday and our 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up. We are going to Vegas during my birthday...we will celebrate our anniversary while we are there as well. So far Jason and Jackie will be there as well. Eric and Angela are looking to go the same weekend as well. We all haven't been in Vegas together since our wedding 4 years ago! Hopefully everything will work out.

My car will be one year old next month. So far it's been a great ride...pun intended. I have averaged 26 MPG over the course of 6200 miles. Anyone looking for a run family vehicle should really check out the Mazda 5.


  1. Really sucks you had to get rid of your other blog Darren. Hopefully it makes it back up one of these days, I was a daily reader! It's cool to see the daily grind of an airline pilot, all the ups and downs. Hopefully you haven't had any trouble legal wise with it!

  2. Hi Darren,
    I'm sorry to see your career blog go. I hope nothing bad happened that caused it to disappear so quickly. I just discovered it last week and I've been reading it all weekend instead of doing homework. Hopefully you can work something out with your airline and get it up again. There aren't too many other good pilot blogs that I can find. As someone trying to work my way into your career, it's a nice resource to have.

    Best of luck,