Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting out of town

The stars aligned yesterday. I was able to get off the 12th thru 15th. I did this by moving around my work days. I get 11 days off a month minimum. I moved my work days around to get off the 12th thru 15th. This means I will work 12 of the last 13 days of the month with only one day off. Gotta pay the piper.

Where will we go? I mentioned a few places to Kelli; Cancun, Seattle, Portland and somewhere in California. She only picked up on California. Right now I am looking into flying into San Jose, California, driving to Monterrey, California to visit the aquarium. After staying the night, driving up to Sacramento for a day or two and then leaving out of Sacramento or San Francisco. Only problem...rental cars. If we returned the car to San cost is $59! If we return elsewhere...between $150-$300! The drive from San Jose to Sacramento is 3 hours long. Yeah. I haven't driven that far in a long time. Who knows. We could take a cruise.

Flew to Pittsburgh and back last night on overtime. I flew with Mr. Non-Personality. I get along with just about anybody. This guy was a brick wall. Conversation beyond what was required for flight wasn't there. He made a bad attempt at a joke right before we got back to DFW...took me by surprise. Oh well...It was almost 6 hours of easy overtime. I will do the same trip next Wednesday.

Kelli hasn't cracked on getting a new laptop yet.

I might change up the look of this site today.

Kelli's T-Mobile G1 got the latest update last night. Lots of improvements she will never use...but I will! I haven't been offered the update yet. No way to force it. It's kinda like the price is have to wait your turn. I could download it on my laptop then transfer it over. Bleh.

Off today. Gonna clean up the house and wash my car.

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